#SOL20, Day 21: Teen Parenting, Exhibit Q

Yes, it it true that I like a picked-up house. Yes, it is true that clutter produces within me an actual physical response.


Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING breaks the resolve of a mother determined to leave that box from Tuesday night’s 1 am pizza order on the table until a certain 16-year-old decides he’s going to pick it up his own dang self.

Note the clean table, the freshly vacuumed rug

It can be there until next month. I don’t care.

I will work around it.

I will clean around it.

I will ignore it happily.

Because THAT is the stuff that motherhood is made of.

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11 Responses to “#SOL20, Day 21: Teen Parenting, Exhibit Q”

  1. carolannclark Says:

    OMG! Love this!!! I am a new empty nester but thanks to Covid 19 my house is a disaster with 2 college students reluctantly home. Also, shout out for the clean table and carpet-Relatealbe!

  2. mrsday75 Says:

    Oh, the flashbacks of raising two sons. I could do a month of blogs posts on that. Stay strong Mom. #leavethebox

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Thank you!! And yes, I totally left the box, and it FINALLY got picked up today. #StandingStrong

  3. mschiubookawrites Says:

    I so appreciate your sense of humor. I have also found myself in situations where I clean around a family member’s mess to make a point. Sadly it would drive me crazy since they don’t notice, much less get bothered by it.

  4. terisblog302496239 Says:

    Yes, leave the box! Stay strong:)

  5. aggiekesler Says:

    You can do it! You are strong! Don’t give in!

  6. Fran Haley Says:

    Is there any force on Earth more indomitable than a determined Mom? I feel as if I don’t need to say “hold your ground” – I have a sense of it being solidly staked! It comes through your writing loud and clear – and delightfully. And, for the record: The table and carpet look so very nice.That’s me on the sidelines waving my little, ragged white flag. 🙂

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Ha! That’s because I’m not showing you the kitchen, or the dog hair dust bunnies in the corner 😉

  7. mgminer Says:

    Someday you will miss that kid who doesn’t pick up, but for now, you got this!

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